Purchase Of Scrap Aluminum

Purchase Of Scrap Aluminum

Recycling of metal products is becoming more common nowadays, when the recycling sectors are prominent. Thus, the purchase of scrap aluminum also increases. Aluminum is used as a raw material in the packaging, food, electrical electronics and construction industries, which are widely used. Aluminum, which was produced by electrolysis from bauxite in nature in the past, is now obtained by recycling. Aluminum scrap products also create job opportunities for many people with this method.

UK Aluminum Scrap Purchase

Metal recycling facilities, which used to be limited in number, have now increased. These facilities, which make a great contribution to nature, consume energy efficiently. During the recycling of scrap aluminum, 95% energy savings are achieved compared to the first aluminum production. These facilities are more common in big cities. England leads the way in purchasing scrap aluminum. Collectors collect scrap from the streets, building debris, company residues. Then they bring them to the major companies that buy aluminum scrap.

Scrap Aluminum Purchase Service

Those who have just started collecting business sometimes find companies with the words “purchase of scrap aluminum UK” from search engines. They contact and deliver the products they bring to the companies. Companies that provide scrap aluminum purchase services also turn them into ingots by melting them after separating them. Then they supply aluminum raw materials to industrial companies in need. Thanks to this technology, the decreasing bauxite resources are not consumed, and the metals released into the nature are evaluated. In addition, greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere are reduced.

Some scrap aluminum we bought.

  • Aluminum Slag
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Aluminum Profile
  • Aluminum Beverage UBC
  • Aluminum Wire Scrap
  • Aluminum Wheel
  • Aluminum Engine Housing
  • Aluminum Sawdust

Companies that Buy Scrap Aluminum

Projects that support sustainable life are of great importance today. Companies that buy scrap aluminum, in a sense, undertake social responsibility for the future of the world. As Bisit Aluminum, one of the most senior companies in the sector, we carry out aluminum recycling activities. We stand out among the companies that buy aluminum scrap with our professionalism and experience. While providing employment opportunities to many people, we also prevent environmental pollution.

Bisit Aluminum Scrap Purchase

We obtain the scraps to be recycled from collectors or companies. For aluminum scrap recycling, we buy products such as slag, foil, beverage cans, sawdust, rims, engine body, wire scrap. Pricing is made in line with the weight of aluminum scrap. After separating them from other materials, we melt them and turn them into ingots. Qualified ingots emerge with the assurance of Bisit Aluminium. After melting, we form pure and alloyed aluminum ingots. We supply companies that will transform the raw materials we obtain into various products.

Scrap Aluminum Purchase Prices

The cost of aluminum obtained after recycling is much cheaper than its first production. Both the low energy used for conversion and the cheap scrap purchase prices reduce costs. Collectors do not have to worry about purchasing capital, they are paid according to the volume of products they find. Scrap aluminum prices are determined according to the weight of the product. We make payments that will satisfy both parties in terms of fees. The characteristics of the scrap determine the prices. For example, the price of a can of coke scrap or aluminum tin scrap varies according to the quality of the products.

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