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Bisit Aluminium
Bisit Aluminium

Bisit Aluminium stepped into the aluminum recycling industry in 1995 with the aim of providing sustainable life. They processed scrap aluminum at recycling facilities and turned it into ingots. They also carried out the trade of aluminum that they brought back for consumption. They soon began to supply ingots to numerous industrial companies. They increased their market share with the quality raw materials they produced. They tried to meet the needs of the sector by importing all kinds of aluminum scrap.

Expert Team

The company has grown its brand identity with its works that add value to the sector over time. They cooperated with America, Europe and Middle East countries. They started to trade with large companies with the qualified products they converted. They placed great emphasis on equipment quality and staff training. They provided service with a team of experts who do their job meticulously. They spared no expense for a qualified recycling system and incorporated the devices of the best brands. Thanks to the filtration system in the facilities, harmful wastes are reduced. They have advanced in the sector by keeping up with the requirements of the developing digital world. They carried out corporate communication activities through digital channels in order to reach their customers and suppliers.

Contribution to the Development of the Industry

Bisit Aluminum has become a role model for many companies today in its past of exceeding quarters. With their professional understanding of service, they not only remained permanent in the sector, but also contributed to the development and progress of recycling activities. They carried the tasks they assumed with team spirit to the top with a sense of perfectionism. They carry out marketing activities by making use of the technologies of the time, and they supply both domestic and foreign markets. They carry out R&D studies with the pride of being one of the most senior and reliable aluminum companies. Today, they continue to work as one of the most successful aluminum recycling companies.

Environmental Protection Mission

Climate change as a result of nature pollution and global warming; threatens our planet and its living life. States have a great responsibility to prevent this problem. Energy consumption needs to be significantly reduced and the recycling of scraps needs to become widespread. Thus, the destruction of nature and the greenhouse gas released into the atmosphere are reduced. In this context, recycling companies have fulfilled an important responsibility. Minimizing environmental pollution, this sector also reduces costs. In today’s world where sustainability is of vital importance, Bisit Aluminum undertakes the mission of environmental protection with its recycling services.

Products We Purchase and Produce

The scraps purchased by the company; It consists of aluminum foil, aluminum profile, aluminum sawdust, aluminum slag, wire scrap, aluminum beverage scrap, UBC, aluminum engine body, aluminum wheel, aluminum intermediate scrap products.
The ingots they produce are; It contains ingots such as pure aluminum, aluminum billet, aluminum pyramid, aluminum deoxidant, alloy etial series, aluminum granules.

Bisit Aluminium
Bisit Aluminium
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