Aluminum Recycling

Aluminum Recycling

Sustainability is of vital importance in today’s world where global warming is increasing. With the increasing climate crisis, the recycling industry is becoming widespread. One of them is aluminum recycling. Aluminum, which is an easy to use and soft product, provides raw materials to many industries. Instead of remanufacturing this common product, it is more economical to recycle it with an aluminum recycling facility. Thus, it provides 95% energy savings compared to the first production. Pollution of the environment is prevented as well as electricity resources are consumed less.

UK Aluminum Recycling

This metal is needed most in big cities. UK takes the lead in the aluminum recycling sector as a material. It is preferred more in the construction industry as it reduces costs. Aluminum scrap from old construction is easily recycled. It has high corrosion resistance and is 3 times lighter than steel. The electronics industry uses aluminum more as a transmission material, along with its alloys. It is also preferred for electronic parts such as cooling, heating element, winding and motor.

Scrap Aluminum

Scrap aluminum, which is brought into consumption after passing through several hands, is first supplied by collectors. Collectors find these wastes on the streets, in building debris, in recycling bins. Sometimes, consumers deliver aluminum scrap products to these officials themselves. They then bring the scrap they collect to companies that operate aluminum recycling plants. After separating the material, these businesses melt it and turn it into ingots. They then supply them to industrial companies that use aluminum raw materials in their industries. As Bisit Aluminum, we also carry out this activity.

Aluminum Recycling Companies

In the packaging industry, aluminum materials are used as foils, cans, soda caps, perfume boxes and cans. Aluminum beverage cans provide many materials for recycling. These boxes are not easily affected by insects, air, light and water. With the decrease in natural resources, the recycling industry is becoming widespread. In recent years, competition among aluminum recycling companies has been increasing. Where consumption is high, waste raw materials are also high. Big cities are a large market in this sense.

Pure Aluminum

As a company, we have been serving in the sector for more than a quarter of a century. We have reached the top with the value we add to the aluminum scrap business. We employ a large number of people through the process of collecting them. We stand out with our connections among the best aluminum recycling companies. Besides collectors, we import scrap from Europe, America and Middle East countries. It is much softer than pure aluminum alloy. Aluminum found in bauxite ore in nature is separated by electrolysis method. We, on the other hand, obtain the aluminum raw material again by melting it.

Scrap Aluminum Recycling

Renewable energy and raw materials contribute greatly to the world economy. While recycling scrap aluminum, which has become a huge industry today, is becoming widespread, it opens job doors for many people. Collectors’ earnings are not affected by risks such as inflation. The better quality aluminum recycling companies produce ingots, the better customers they gain. With this understanding, we produce rapidly and offer raw materials with qualified materials. Those who are satisfied with our aluminum ingot production prefer us for many years.

Aluminum Recycling Prices

Collectors also make their own planning. They prefer companies that pay the highest for the scrap aluminum prices they earn by working hard. The fee is determined according to the quality and weight of the scraps they bring. As Bisit Aluminum, we determine aluminum scrap prices in line with our brand identity. There is a difference between pure aluminum or alloy aluminum charges. We distinguish ourselves from other recyclers with our service quality. We also provide figures for aluminum recycling prices, from which we supply ingot raw materials, in line with market conditions.

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