Aluminum Ingot Production

Aluminum Ingot Production

While climate change threatens the whole world, states are trying to find a solution to the problem. The recycling industry reduces the damage by reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. For example, aluminum ingot production from scrap in the metal sector. The aluminum obtained by this recycling provides many advantages to the countries. It is produced in nature by separating aluminum from bauxite. In the recycling method, aluminum is produced from scrap without the need to extract new raw materials. The energy used during aluminum scrap recycling corresponds to 5 percent of the energy needed during the initial production.

Aluminum Ingot Production Companies

The collection of raw materials from the environment during recycling provides financial advantages. The scrap brought by the collectors is smelted after being sorted in the aluminum ingot production facilities. With this process, aluminum ingots are formed by hand. In this expanding market, many aluminum ingot production companies are entering the market. With the increasing competition, the importance of quality production is increasing. Pure aluminum or alloyed aluminum produced by companies under the stairs may be unqualified. This type of amateur businesses show themselves at cheap prices. Institutional aluminum ingot production companies are selling ingots all over the world.

UK Aluminum Ingot Production

As one of the most experienced companies in the recycling industry, we have brought the Bisit Aluminum brand to the top. We are known for our work discipline and quality products. We make a difference in UK aluminum ingot production service with the value we add to the profession. We carefully select the scraps brought by the collectors. We do careful sorting to produce quality nuggets. We carry out the aluminum scrap recycling process in accordance with the standards. Our environmentally friendly facilities do not waste resources while using energy efficiently. We work with a professional and experienced team, we select them from experts and qualified people. The aluminum ingot we produce is appreciated for its quality.

Aluminum Ingot Production Facilities

Aluminum, which is the softest of metals, is easily processed and shaped. Its usage area is widespread and it is preferred in construction, food, canned food, packaging and electricity sectors. Aluminum ingot production facilities supply aluminum ingots to many companies after the scraps are melted. Aluminum, which is one-third the weight of steel and copper, is not poisonous. It is of great importance for the world industry. As a company, we produce pure aluminum ingots and alloyed aluminum ingots. Alloys are 15 times more durable than their pure form.

Aluminum Ingot Production Prices

The recycling sector, which is extremely economical compared to metal production, greatly reduces costs. Collectors with no capital expenditure are paid for their scraps and their labor. Aluminum ingot production prices are determined by considering the costs. Labor, energy consumption, scrap fees, facility rental expenses, taxes affect prices. Aluminum ingot prices vary according to the weight of the ingot, whether it is pure or alloyed. The ingots we produce are of high quality and are preferred by large companies. If you want to supply our products, you are welcome to our contact page.

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