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BISIT Aluminum, an aluminium scrap company, is the leading company in the sector that produces recycled aluminum ingots from scrap and other materials. With our 30 years of experience, we contribute to all other sectors and add value. By sharing all this knowledge with our customers, we adopt an organizational structure that shapes the sector, prepares our customers for the future, and provides solution opportunities. We are in cooperation with leading companies in Europe, America and Middle East countries, and we import Aluminum in all its varieties. We provide trade and recycling services by melting them in our own facilities. We supply raw materials to companies in need of aluminum ingots in Turkey and provide technical support in this regard.

The main scraps we buy.

  • Aluminum Slag
  • Aluminum Wheel
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Aluminum Motor Housing
  • Aluminum Profile
  • Aluminum Sawdust
  • Aluminum Beverage UBC
  • Aluminum Search Scrap
  • Aluminum Wire Scrap
Aluminium Scrap

Aluminum Scrap

With the advancement of technology, the share of recycling facilities in production is increasing. These facilities, which reduce environmental pollution, are operated by many aluminum scrap companies. For sustainable life, existing resources should be used consciously and they should participate in production by recycling. The aluminum scrap found by the collectors is brought to recycling companies. These companies turn aluminum into ingots after decomposing it. The ingots are sent by the aluminum scrap company to industrial companies that use this raw material. These energy-efficient facilities operate with 5 percent energy of the first production of aluminum. Thus, energy resources are not consumed much.

Recycled Aluminum Scrap Company

With the advancement of technology, the share of recycling facilities in production is increasing. These facilities, which reduce environmental pollution, are operated by many aluminum scrap companies. Aluminum extracted from bauxite ore in nature is obtained by separating available resources for sustainable life by electrolysis method. In recycling, there is no need to remove it, and it is recovered from scrap aluminum products. Aluminum, which is widely used; It is preferred in construction, food, packaging and electricity sectors. The waste scraps of these sectors are reprocessed by the Aluminum scrap company and brought to consumption. As Bisit Aluminum, we operate aluminum recycling facilities. We are one of the well-established companies in the sector and we have been operating for more than a quarter of a century. We are among the few businesses that provide service in accordance with the standards.

England Aluminum Scrap Dealer

In the industry, scraps are sorted into categories and converted. Aluminum scrap companies choose scrap type in line with their activities. We buy aluminum beverage cans, wire scrap, sawdust, engine body, rims, slag, and intermediate scraps for recycling. When we say British aluminum scrap company , we stand out among the companies that come to mind. We produce high quality aluminum ingots by melting process. In addition to pure aluminum, the ingots we handle consist of alloys, granules, deoxidants, billets, and pyramids. Professional scrap aluminum companies such as Bisit Aluminum supply their ingot products to large industrial companies.

Aluminum Scrap Dealer Prices

The recycling industry requires much less cost than initial production. That is, the extraction of bauxite aluminum ore creates costs such as labor, energy and raw materials. Scrap aluminum companies, on the other hand, only convert scrap into ingots. Prior to that, collectors were paid a certain fee for scrap. The aluminum scrap company determines the prices according to certain criteria. Fees are given according to the weight and quality of the scraps brought. Corporate companies such as Bisit Aluminum pay higher figures for aluminum scrap prices.

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